Monday, December 14, 2015

Why should you care about Joint Orientation?

The human body has multiple joints that allow it to articulate properly; shoulder, elbow, knee, neck,  etc. Building a biped rig skeleton is easy to understand where the model needs to bend, allowing proper animation, or whatever design you desire. The key component for building this biped, in fact for any rig is proper joint orientation! 

If you bend your leg right now you can see the knee is the main joint allow so much articulation (translate, rotate, [I wish scale]) between the ankle and the hip. 

Joint orientation is the date value within the joint and that data is really important when building a proper chain. Once the chain is constraint and parented to complete either leg or arm the chain will bend a certain way. Whatever way you want it to bend depends on what the joint orientation is. 

These two joints are both of the IK chain which originates from the exported skeleton (Original Joint Chain). The LLeg_IK (left) is the start of the chain and LAnkle_IK (right) is in the middle of the chain. As you can see the start effector joint has multiple orientations and is safe to have! However once the chain is build there has to be a single orientation with value, while the other two are empty (0.000). 
Once you build the chain then you have to decide which singular orientation to use. Usually your joints will tell which way is easier, either Z or Y mainly, however this is maya; you can do whatever you want. 

Bad Joint Orientation, that would be very for any human to even see!

Nice flow this robot has :D 
Always re-check your joints, this is the first step of any reg! Literally the first! If you mess this up NOTHING will work properly. 

Conclusion Statement: You better check yo self before you wreck yo self 

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